产品名称:Arkon IP111/IP112 Two-Channel Infrared assistant listening systems for IELTS TOEFL exam conference system simultaneous interpretation
IP111/IP112 are designed for foreign language listening learning and exam. Especially for IELTS and TOEFL tests.

These systems are also applicable to simultaneous interpretation of international conferences or business conferences.

Main customers of these systems are all over China, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other Asian countries. Most IELTS test sites in China use our systems as test equipment. Many colleges and universities have also adopted our systems for foreign language teaching.



Foreign language listening study and exam in schools or college.

For IELTS and TOEFL listening exam.

Simultaneous interpretation of international conferences or business meetings.



1. Wireless headset adopts high-power infrared transmission, covering an area of 100 square meters; It can be extended to 200 square meters through synchronous series connection of transmitter.


2. The headset has strong anti-interference ability to ensure clear reception and confidentiality for exam or business conferences.


3. One to N functions: Within effective range, one transmitter can match multiple headsets and receive audio signal simultaneously.


4. Two channel system can switch channels through a button on the headset, and can be used in bilingual teaching, bilingual simultaneous interpretation.



System: Infrared (IR)

Carrier frequency: Left channel 2.3MHz

Right channel 2.8MHz

Modulation: FM

Power supply transmitter: 1.5A, 24V DC

Power supply headphone: 2 x AAA  batteries

Frequency response: 40Hz – 7 KHz

S/N ratio: 50dB

Distortion: 1% THD

Channel separation: 40dB

Weight: Approx. 210 g (for RX)

Sound Pressure Level:  95dB

Accessories: power adapter × 1. RCA-RCA line (2m)